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Much of my blog (not really a blog) will relate to my love of travel with articles and pics. It will be an ongoing project.

The Beach

Oh, that breeze feels so marvellous and the invigorating smell of the ocean reminds me of the walks I went on with my dad when I was a very young child.  He would take me to the village harbour and I suppose because of the memories of those times, I feel so peaceful whenever I’m by the sea.  It’s like coming home.

Wow, when I see birds flying I marvel at the miracle of flight.  Those gulls are like children playing as they soar, wings outstretched to ride the air currents high above the surf.

Ah, it sure feels good to be barefoot.  The sand feels delicious between my toes, hot at first, then a soothing coolness as my feet sink further into it.  There’s a weather beaten log that I can sit down on.  I wonder how long it has been lying here on the beach?  What kind of tree was it once a long time ago?  For the log to be so high up on the beach it must have been hurled by churning breakers as they crashed on the beach during a severe winter gale.  I wonder how may miles of ocean it drifted before the storm?

It is awesome to think that all of this sparkling sand surrounding me was once rock.  How many eons did it take the rock to erode into minute grains?  When I really think about it, exactly how long is an eon?  I cannot comprehend time and space.  My lifetime is not even a second if I compare it to eons.  I feel so small and insignificant, yet I feel that I belong.  I am an integral part of the universe.