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Much of my blog (not really a blog) will relate to my love of travel with articles and pics. It will be an ongoing project.


It has come to my attention that I am a “middle-aged character”.  You know, one of those chatty older ladies that I looked upon with disdain when I was young and “acted” a bit arrogant though I was actually insecure.  I guess hearing my mother’s words,“what will the neighbours say”? influenced the younger me in such a way that I  became self-conscious and thus very critical of myself.  Now that I am older I don’t particularly care as much what others think of me. It is more important what I think of me, that I am a loving human being who cares about others.  Once I bought a book at a garage sale entitled “What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business”.  I never read the book, I just liked the title and my friends will attest to the fact that I mention it often.

I am comfortable in my own skin in a way I never was when I was in my 30s and 40s.  I like myself more, am not as hard on myself, and I take better care of myself by exercising, eating healthy foods and taking supplements.  I think about others more than I did when I was younger, although my sons were the exception to that.

Now because I am mature and wiser, have slowed down my pace of life somewhat, I have become more communicative with people in my everyday life.  The cashier at the grocery store and I talk about the weather and other mundane topics, therefore relieving the cashier of her boredom while mindlessly scanning grocery items.  While checking out books at the library I converse with the ladies, mostly about books and authors (big surprise) and recently I found myself talking with my Dental Hygienist about her dreams.  After mentioning that I had at one time attended dream interpretation classes she led me over to the Receptionist and asked me if I could interpret recent dreams they had (as if I were an expert).  I shared with them my analytical thoughts as well as recounting to them a few short dreams of my own.  We had a few laughs and I walked out in a great state of mind. I hope that these ladies were feeling the same way.

I chatted with the young Receptionist at my gym and after she expressed her passion for music I left my I Pod with her while I worked out so that she could listen to my son’s latest album.  It seems she was in a very low period in her life and after talking with me about the music she was motivated to follow her dream and work in the entertainment field again.  She quit her job at the gym and is now a music promoter.  Months later I saw her again at my son’s show and she thanked me profusely for inspiring her that day. It was she that booked the gig for his band at a local Festival.

While talking to another lady at my gym she revealed that she is the author of a couple of books and has had her articles published in magazines as well as two cookbooks for children.  Upon hearing that I also write but have never been published and am reluctant to submit some of my articles (for fear of rejection?) she encouraged me to keep writing, submitting and suggested that I create a blog.  She stated that she had many rejections but she kept persevering.  She inspired me to continue and not give up in my quest to be published.  She renewed my passion for writing.  I have created a blog and have posted many of my personal travel articles as well as photos that relate to the story.  Now that I share my stories with anyone in the world that cares to read them I feel that I have finally been published!  I have yet to hear from Guideposts magazine or Chicken Soup for the Soul.