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We rode motorcycles with Gary and Laurie to the Mardi Gras in Leesburg under a cloudless sky.  After 4 gloomy days of weather our spirts soared.  At the Town Square a Cajun band from Louisiana played tunes very reminiscent of the “down home”music of Nova Scotia.  That is not surprising since French Acadians migrated to Louisiana many years ago.  When you hear this music it is quite impossible to sit still.  I have never before seen Fred dance at 1:00 in the afternoon while completely sober.  Two costumed couples that accompanied the band mingled with the crowd inviting us to dance and offering two-step lessons as well.  Lauri and I also attempted to do a form of line dancing.

When the band asked for a volunteer to come on stage I happily rose to the occasion and played the scrub board.  Not everyone can say they entertained a crowd at Mardi Gras.  Main street was closed to traffic and several bands at either end of the street entertained the audience of varying ages.  Huskers worked the crowd for tips and early evening there was a wonderful parade of floats with the focus on throwing beads to the throng of people.  People in the crowd reminded me of ladies at a half-price sale.  Did I mention that I have fifteen strings of beads? 

One of my sons commented in an e-mail that he didn't want to know what I had done to get those beads.  I reminded him that this was a Snowbird state where the rules are different. 

With the light of a half moon reflected on Fred’s helmet we braved the chilly night back to Wildwood.

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