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The young woman raced along the beach, pebbles tearing her bare feet.  Tears streamed down her face only to dry in the blustery wind that blew across the sand.  She threw herself upon a rock and clutched its jagged edge, tightening her hold until pained seared through her hand.  With the pain came anger and frustrations, such as she had never felt before.  Anguished sobs tore through her entire being and she felt as though she wanted to die.  Betrayed, she had never felt so betrayed….

They had met at a party.  Their hands had accidentally touched as they both reached for the same appetizer and an electric current passed between them.  She had gazed into his limpid eyes that had a hypnotic effect and had felt an immediate attraction, in fact a vague sense of familiarity as she scanned his face.  They had left the boring party and had driven to the coast for a walk along the beach.  Stars, like brilliant jewels twinkled in the black heavens above them.  Being under a canopy of stars always filled Dana with a feeling of indescribable peace, and being with this stranger who didn’t see like a stranger felt so comfortable and so right.  She had a feeling of having known Craig for a long time.  She discovered the true essence of him in just a few short hours, much less than it normally took to get acquainted with someone new.  They discovered they both had read the same books, believed the same philosophies and were both advanced Tai Chi students.  The files of Edgar Cayce held as much fascination for him as they did for her.  They were astonished to discover they had actually been at the same seminar in Virginia Beach.  Long into the night they sat among the weathered sand dunes reflecting on the cosmos.

After Craig had dropped her off at her apartment with the promise of another date, Dana had lain awake marvelling upon meeting this fascinating man.  She was hopelessly in love.  She adored how his cheeks dimpled when he smiled and the way his unruly curls fell over his forehead.  The bracing scent of his aftershave still lingered in her nostrils as Dana drifted into a peaceful slumber.

Dana suddenly jerked awake, tears flowing down her cheeks.  Her dream was so real; she had never known such anquish.  In the dream she had been in love with a man named Zolar and they were to wed during the next full moon.  Just before their wedding Zolar came to explain they could not be wed for his parents had arranged a marriage to Helena, a girl in the neighbouring village.  He had to honour the wishes of his parents.  He was terribly sorry for he loved her with all his soul and he always would.

Dana sat up abruptly, hands to her face in shock and amazement.  Her heart palpitated rapidly beneath her rib cage as realization flooded her entire being.  Craig, the wonderful man she had just spent such a magical evening with was Zolar.

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